Prestige Environmental Inc., Environmental Consultant, History


Founded in 1993, Prestige Environmental, Inc. specializes in environmental due diligence, regulatory compliance, waste management, and remediation services. The firm provides solutions to federal, state, and municipal governments and private-sector clients from its New Jersey office. Our staff of experienced engineers, geologists, and environmental professionals create innovative services that yield sustainable, cost-effective solutions for complex issues affecting our clients' properties and operations.

We recognize that each property has unique characteristics such as its location, operational history, and proposed use, and each client has a unique requirement, based on the industry, management style, and corporate policies. Collectively, we customize a strategy that fulfills client's needs and regulatory requirements.

Environmental laws and regulations change constantly. The firm keeps abreast of the latest trends to maximize benefits of good management practice. Open and honest discussion with our clients regarding their concerns, strategy and goals results in a planned approach for success.